concert messHave you ever hung around after a concert or sporting event and just looked at the arena? Globs of ketchup and mustard laced with relish, soda in all colors of the rainbow, popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate ice cream, and dubious sticky substances litter the floors.

Yet, by the time the next event occurs, sometimes the very next day, the stadium is spotless, as if no one was ever there.

Most don’t think about what happens behind the scenes, and how much work it takes to transform a trash-laden stadium into the sparkling venue that is presented at the start of an event.

Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, for example, can host 80,000 people and has 2.1 million square feet of floor area. Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is another large stadium in the United States. It seats 80,000 people and has 3 million square feet of floor space.

Some of that floor space has to be cleaned by traditional broom and mop methods because machines can’t get under seats that are bolted to the floor. Can you imagine, however, having to mop and sweep 3 million square feet of floor space by hand?

That’s where automatic floor sweepers and scrubbers come in. Automatic floor scrubbers are floor-cleaning machines that are used to clean surfaces with less time and less effort than traditional mops and brooms.
Even with automatic scrubbers, cleaning millions of square feet of floor surfaces in a short time is no easy feat.
Having the right equipment is one way to ensure that the work will be completed in the most efficient way.
Here are five things to think about when choosing floor scrubbers:
1. Do you want an electric machine, or a battery operated one?
2. Do you need commercial or industrial equipment?
3. What is the size of the location you are cleaning?
4. What is your budget for a floor scrubber?
5. What are the maintenance costs?

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