Three Great Ways to Shape Up the Warehouse

floor scrubberThe warehouse is one of the most accident-prone workplaces in which one can work. It’s estimated that about 5.5 warehouse injuries take place per 100 full-time warehouse workers; this translates to an incredible 15,000 workplace-related injuries and illnesses each year in just the warehouse industry alone.

Luckily, it’s easier than you may think to keep your warehouse personnel safe from injury — while improving the overall efficiency of your everyday operations in the process!

Want to improve the everyday functions and efficiency of your warehouse while keeping personnel safe from harm? Here are three of the best things you can do to shape up the warehouse:

Clean the walls
Over time, exhaust, debris and fumes from various chemicals can form a coating on the walls of your warehouse that makes them appear dingy and inhibits their ability to reflect light. To keep the warehouse tidy and improve its lighting, use a multisurface degreasing cleanser to clean off the walls.

Invest in a floor scrubber machine
When a warehouse’s floor is coated in fine dust, the chances of someone slipping increase significantly. When slips, trips and falls result in more than 95 million lost days of work each year, you can’t afford to let them happen at your warehouse. Commercial floor scrubbers are the clear solution — they vacuum away all fine dust and scrub away any stubborn spots of dirt on the floor.

Make your recharge station fire-proof
Most warehouses have a workshop recharge station in which the batteries for its cordless power tools are recharged. However, when the tool recharge station is a mess of tangled cords and chargers, the chances of an electrical fire taking place are raised. To avoid this, place all chargers in special drawers or cabinets that are fire-resistant — ceramic lining is usually a good option.

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