3 Ways Floor Scrubbing Equipment Benefits the Medical Industry

floor scrubbingAcross the country, thousands of hospitals, urgent care clinics and primary care doctors’ offices treat millions of patients each year.

These health care centers all have one thing in common: they all have floors — and all these floors need to be cleaned in a safe, effective way to keep patients and employees healthy.

That’s where floor scrubbing equipment comes in. With these machines, any health care center can successfully maintain sanitary, clutter-free floor surfaces that augment patient care and prevent employee injury.

Still not convinced that medical work settings can benefit from electric floor sweepers and other floor scrubbing equipment? Here are the top three reasons for health care centers to invest in floor scrubbers:

Clean floors are sanitary floors
It might not seem like keeping a hospital or doctor’s office floor germ-free has much importance — however, the exact opposite is true. Floors can harbor a number of dangerous germs; maintaining clean floors is a major step in protecting public health.

Patients expect cleanliness
The appearance of a health care facility is often of utmost importance to the people who matter most: the patients. Remember, these people are coming to your health care facility for surgeries, long-term stays, emergency treatment and more — it’s only natural that they will expect pristine, inviting floors that floor scrubbing equipment can create.

Tidy floors mean fewer workplace injuries
On average, there are about 5.5 workplace injuries per 100 workers per year — in the health care industry, however, this rate increases tremendously. A good deal of health care workers’ injuries and illnesses stem from slips, trips and falls, which result in 95 million lost days of work annually and represent 25% of all workplace injury claims. The best way to prevent these injuries is with a floor scrubber that can remove any spills or debris that could cause slip, trip and fall injuries.

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