Are you still using a mop and bucket to clean the floors of your business?

Automatic floor scrubbers can clean floors in a cleaner and more environmentally safe way than a traditional mop and bucket- no t to mention that they are more cost effective. Facilities such as hospitals, kitchens, universities, and nursing homes are switching away from conventional mops because of the health hazards that they pose. They also want an option that is faster and … Read More

Avoid the Slip, Trip, and Falls Injuries Plaguing the Manufacturing Industry With Proper Floor Scrubbers

The presence of factories and the accompanying warehouses that store their products is continually increasing as more and more technology is in demand around the world. In many cases, so much emphasis is put on productivity and cost-efficient methods of operation that employee safety measures can be overlooked. There are around 7,000 warehouses in operation in the United States which … Read More