Avoid the Slip, Trip, and Falls Injuries Plaguing the Manufacturing Industry With Proper Floor Scrubbers

floor scrubberThe presence of factories and the accompanying warehouses that store their products is continually increasing as more and more technology is in demand around the world. In many cases, so much emphasis is put on productivity and cost-efficient methods of operation that employee safety measures can be overlooked.

There are around 7,000 warehouses in operation in the United States which employ up to 140,000 workers. When the conditions in work areas are not properly taken care of, the high concentration of people can lead to many accidents. One of the most common incidents in the workplace are slip, trip, and fall cases which account for up to 25% of all injury claims per year. A good number of these hassles could be avoided through preventative safety measures such as cleaning work areas with proper equipment or floor scrubbers.

Because most factories are setup as assembly lines, multiple employees are working in close quarters with each other alongside industrial machines that can sometimes be dangerous. Simply falling alone can cause serious injury but when coupled with the risk of dangerous machinery, the results can be catastrophic.

Automation is becoming more prevalent in factories considering the cost-efficiency of not having to pay as many wages as well as the consistency of the work. However, these machines can often involve chemicals, oils, or simply water to operate which can build up as residue on the ground and other surfaces. Regular use of an industrial floor scrubber and sweeper can be detrimental in keeping these areas clean and safe.

For some companies it’s easy to overlook each individual employee’s safety when dealing with many workers all completing different tasks in separate areas. Some businesses may feel that their employees are experienced and prepared to work in these environments over many years which makes safe practices the individual’s own concern. However, around 70% of the injuries that occur in warehouses involve well-trained personnel who were simply doing their job in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Floor cleaning machines are just as important with operations involving new technologies and automation as ever before. Sufficient floor scrubbers can not only protect the well-being of employees but may also prevent the financial strains that come with lawsuits.