Are you still using a mop and bucket to clean the floors of your business?

Floor ScrubberAutomatic floor scrubbers can clean floors in a cleaner and more environmentally safe way than a traditional mop and bucket- no

t to mention that they are more cost effective.

Facilities such as hospitals, kitchens, universities, and nursing homes are switching away from conventional mops because of the health hazards that they pose. They also want an option that is faster and safer.

Mops are typically described as simply “moving dirty water around.”  Floor scrubbers can vacuum and remove dirt from surfaces. Also, mops tend to leave a wet surface, which creates a slip and fall hazard while floor scrubbers leave a clean, dry surface in a single pass.

Another benefit to automatic scrubbers is that the brushes are able to clean down into grout lines. Usually, mops and brooms glide over the surface, leaving grout lines filled with dirt and debris.

An estimated 80% of a facility’s cleaning costs go toward floor cleaning. Floor scrubbers are extremely efficient in that what would normally take a single person 2-3 hours to complete with a mop, can be completed in 15-30 minutes. Thus, a facility with a smaller workforce can still cover a great deal of floor space. With options to rent industrial floor cleaning equipment, it is an affordable option for almost every business.