Rental Floor Sweepers Are Keeping Employees Safe

rental floor sweepersWhen it comes to jobs involving manual labor, there should be nothing more important to employers than creating safe work environments. Putting in place preemptive safety measures for employees to follow is extremely important but unfortunately they are not always enough.

Exceedingly high numbers of respondents, about 98%, who attended the recent American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) show in Baltimore answered “yes” when asked if they had observed workers not wearing proper safety attire, such as eye protection and non-slip shoes. This non-slip footwear may not appear to be a vital safety precaution, but without them, the resulting injuries are very common and problematic.

According to the United States Department of Labor, slips, trips, and falls make up a large majority of general industry accidents. Only behind motor vehicles, slip accidents account for around 15% of all accidental deaths per year in the workplace. Even those incidents that do not reach this extent can easily lead to expensive employee lawsuits.

Without a regularly cleaned and maintained work space, many floors can easily become covered in residue and moisture. In fact, employees who work in grocery stores, warehouses, and any establishments that handle meats are at a substantially higher risk for slip, trip, and fall injuries. These businesses have an estimated 75% higher rate of these incidents on average than all other private industries combined.

In order to keep the premises safe for these industries and others, rental floor sweepers can be a great way to clean work areas without the need to purchase entire floor cleaning machines. Rental floor sweepers can remove any debris or residue that could be easy to slip on, as well as sterilize any harmful substances that may have accumulated.

There are not many things that can hurt a business more than personal injury claims from employees. Rental floor sweepers can help make sure your company is running safely and efficiently.