Three Ways to Protect Your Employees With Safety Gear and Floor Scrubbers

floor scrubberWhen running a company, one of the top priorities should always be creating a safe work environment for employees. For many industries, this is a constant job that requires plenty of effort. When it comes to workplace injuries, there is no bigger hazard than slip, trip, and fall injuries.

Depending on the industry, moisture and particulates can build up on surfaces that greatly reduce friction. Without floor scrubbers to remove any residue, you could be looking at a serious hazard. So what can you do to prevent injury?

  1. Cleanliness: Obviously this is the big problem. In particular, employees working at grocery stores, warehouses, or establishments where meat is handled are at high risk for slip, trip, and fall injuries. In fact, they make up more than a 75% greater than average industry rate for all other private industries combined. Industrial floor scrubbers are the easiest and most effective way to remove any surface material that could pose a threat from floors.
  2. Proper equipment: Even though the majority of companies at risk for these injuries have strict protocols for equipment, far too often do employees choose to ignore them. In fact, a surprisingly high 98% of respondents who attended the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) event in Baltimore, answered yes to seeing improper use, or even lack thereof, of safety equipment. This includes eye protection and non-slip shoes.

    Having spot checks to see if employees are correctly using safety gear can help ensure no irresponsible actions lead to injuries.

  3. Regular training: Considering that around 70% of warehouse injuries involve accidents caused by experienced personnel, no one is completely safe from workplace injuries. Having regular safety training sessions can at least help them stay on guard for any potential accidents.

There’s no reason your employees, and company, should be put at risk for improper safety precautions. Protecting your workers can be as easy as buying safety equipment or renting floor scrubbers.