3 Industries Who Should Make Floor Sweepers a Requirement

floor sweepers The last thing you want to do when running a business is see employees get injured. A number of incidents can occur in the workplace, but the most common are slip, trip, and fall accidents.

According to the United States Department of Labor, these injuries make up the vast majority of general industry accidents. Slip, trip, and fall incidents account for as much as 15% of all accidental deaths per year. That leaves them as the second-leading cause of all deaths, only behind motor vehicle accidents.

In order to create a safer work environment, industrial floor sweepers can be used to clear the ground of any particulate or moisture that might be present. While industrial floor sweepers can benefit all industries, some can benefit more. Here are just a few such industries that would be wise to invest in floor sweepers.

  1. Meat packaging: Employees who work in grocery stores or any other establishments where meat is handled are at significantly high risk for slip, trip, and fall accidents. With all of the condensation from freezing the meat, as well as the blood that might be present, the average injury rate of the meat packaing industry is 75% greater than all other private industries combined. These numbers could be greatly reduced with a more widespread use of floor sweepers.
  2. Warehouses: The overwhelming majority of warehouse positions involve the heavy lifting and transportation of large objects. One slip up can not only lead to injuries from the fall, but also injuries caused by collisions with falling objects. Even just tripping over a small package could leave an employee with debilitating injuries.
  3. Manufacturers: This industry can include a wide array of different types of companies, because a large number of manufacturing processes involve the grinding or sanding of some materials that produce dust particulates. Overtime, these particles can build up to create a sheet of loose dust across the ground that is extremely easy to slip on. Floor and carpet sweepers are especially effective in clearing these loose particulates.
    Obviously the top priority of creating a safe work environment is to protect your employees from harm, but even properly training workers is not enough to keep them all safe. Nearly 70% of warehouse injuries involved accidents with well-trained personnel. If you ignore the need for floor sweepers, you could end up losing valuable employees, and maybe even your company.