6 Ways Floor Scrubbers and Proper Procedures Can Prevent Personal Injury Claims

floor scrubbersThe last thing any company wants to deal with is a lawsuit from a personal injury claim. These are serious legal matters that can end up costing businesses substantial amounts of money.

Slip, trip, and fall injuries are particularly dangerous, making up about 25% of all reported injury claims and 95 lost workdays per year. Fortunately, with the right tools and cleaning procedures, creating a safe work environment for employees is relatively easy. So how can you keep your workers safe? Here are a few tips:

  1. Routine cleaning schedule: You should never wait to clean up a spill or mess until it becomes a serious issue. Maintaining a regular schedule for cleaning with floor scrubbers or sweepers can be the best defense against slip, trip, and fall injuries.
  2. Clean spills immediately: When liquid does inevitably spill onto the floor, it’s important to act quickly. Every second it remains uncleaned increases the chances that someone will get hurt, so jump on those floor scrubbers right away.
  3. Mark spills and wet floors: While you collect all of the tools and supplies you need to clear any spills, put up signs warning of the slippery ground.
  4. Avoid clutter in walkways: Many jobs require employees to lift and move heavy objects, so clutter in walkways can lead to serious trip injuries. Even just ensuring a clearance of a few feet can make an enormous difference.
  5. Good lighting: In order for employees to avoid these dangerous conditions as best they can, there has to be enough lighting for them to see their surroundings. One false step could lead to a lawsuit.
  6. Proper attire: At the recent American Society of Safety Engineers show in Baltimore, a shocking 98% of surveyed attendees responded “yes” when asked if they had seen employees ignore the use of safety equipment, including eye protection and non-slip shoes. Even minimal safety equipment could prevent many injuries.

Every business has enough to worry about without dealing with personal injury lawsuits. A few sweeps with floor scrubbers could even end up saving a company.