Here’s How Quality Used Floor Scrubbers Can Dramatically Enhance the Productivity of Your Workplace

used floor scrubbersKeeping a studio apartment clean is quite difficult for some people, so it’s no surprise that many warehouses and factories have extremely dirty floors. While an apartment resident may be able to live with dirty floors for years, your warehouse cannot afford to have unclean floors for even one day.

With used floor scrubbers, you can finally obtain affordable equipment to clean your floors in a quick and efficient manner. Additionally, you should also seek rental floor scrubbers if your current floor sweepers are in need of maintenance. There are about 7,000 warehouses employing more than 140,000 workers, and every single one of them is at risk of getting injured if the floors are covered in dust and debris.

Workplace slips and trips are extremely common, and a horrific accident can happen when you least expect it to if your floors are not properly scrubbed. Here are just three of the many reasons that your company should be investing in used floor scrubbers:

  • Decrease workplace injuries
    In 2011 alone, there were about 5.5 workplace injuries recorded for every 100 full-time warehouse workers. Furthermore, most of these injuries were caused by some type of slip, trip, or fall. In fact, slips, trips, and falls account for more than 95 million lost work days per year. If you fail to maintain clean floors in the workplace, your employees will constantly be at risk of getting injured on the job, and your company will be liable. Used floor scrubbers allow you to avoid this harrowing fate without breaking the bank.
  • Increase employee morale
    While the decreased risk of injury is certainly worth the investment, you should also consider how much better your employees will feel when your floors are clean. Multiple studies have proven that workplace productivity skyrockets when a warehouse or factory is neat and organized. If your employees are forced to maneuver around a dirty floor every day, they will think less of you as an employer.
  • Free in-plant analysis of cleaning concerns
    When searching for used floor scrubbers, you need to find a company that offers much more than just industrial floor sweepers. System Clean provides a free in-plant analysis for all of your warehousing cleaning concerns. We want to make sure your employees are safe at all costs, and our experts can steer you towards the right equipment for your specific circumstances.

You may not think that keeping your floors clean is important now, but your mind will certainly change if and when one of your employees gets injured. Invest in used floor scrubbers today and dramatically enhance the productivity of your workplace.