How One Workplace Injury Could Have Been Avoided with Floor Scrubbers

floor scrubbersJim is one of your best employees. He’s always the first one to arrive and one of the last to leave every day. One morning, as he enters the building and walks to his workstation, greeting the cleaning crew as he does each day, he slips and falls. Although he is not severely injured and there were visible warning signs out, he is in a great deal of pain and unable to complete his work for the day. A situation like this could have been prevented had his company supplied the cleaning team with floor scrubbers and not traditional mops.

System Clean offers floor scrubbers and other products to avoid such situations that can result in lawsuits and further unwanted and preventable costs to an organization. For every 100 full-time warehouse employees, there were 5.5 workplace injuries reported in 2011. Establishments where meat is served or handled, like grocery stores and warehouses, have a 75% greater chance for slip, trip, and fall injuries than any other industry. For this reason and more, System Clean offers free in-plant analysis of an organizations cleaning problems and concerns.

Floor scrubbing machines serve more benefits than most people think. Here are just a couple of the advantages of using floor scrubbers for commercial indoor cleaning.

Quick Dry Times
Drying can take quite a while when using a traditional mop and bucket. An industrial floor scrubber and sweeper do not use nearly as much water as a traditional mop, resulting in significantly shorter drying times. In turn, this prevents the risk of trips, slips and falls, and the potential for lawsuits.

Easier and More Efficient Cleaning
Floor cleaning machines like this are easier to operate than they look. Whether you have a push floor scrubber or ride-in machine, you can move it in any direction by simply selecting the proper settings. This allows the operator to clean both quickly and efficiently, something businesses with lots of traffic will value.

Each year, 95 million work days are lost due to slips, trips, and falls. System Clean can help reduce these incidents and save your company money. Schedule your free in-plant analysis and maintain a safe, healthy environment for all your occupants.