4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Robotic Sweepers to Clean a Warehouse Floor

used floor sweepersWhile many busy homeowners use robotic vacuums to help clean up messes inside their homes, this trend has not extended to the industrial floor sweeper and scrubber market. The reasons are simple:

Cleaning Power

While these automated floor sweepers are powerful enough to pickup household dust and messes, warehouse floors require heavy cleaning. With a variety of items that may be spilled on these floors in large quantities, the cleaning power of new or used floor sweepers or scrubbers needs to be intense. Mopping, sweeping, drying, and more are required of these industrial sweepers — and since the high risk of slips, trips, and falls amounts to 95 million lost work days every year, companies can’t risk having unclean or wet floors.

Surface Area

A robotic vacuum can clean the average-sized home in a reasonable amount of time. But a warehouse floor is huge and requires a much larger machine for cleaning. To cover an entire warehouse floor, large, powerful equipment is needed to ensure that the building’s floor is cleaned the first time over.


Even for small rooms, automated vacuums have hefty price tags. To get the right amount of bang for your buck, a robotic floor sweeper would have to be able to do the job effectively and offset the labor costs of hiring someone to do the job manually. When you purchase used floor sweepers, you’ll save enough money to justify the labor costs of an operator.

Power Source

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers need to have long-lasting battery lives in order to get the job done effectively. If a household automated vacuum were to try to clean a warehouse floor, it would require multiple battery charges for one cleaning. Industrial, manually operated sweepers and scrubbers have battery lives of about seven hours. When you need to get a large job done, the battery life of the machine really matters.

System Clean, Inc. has a variety of new and used floor sweepers, scrubbers, and pressure washers to make industrial floor cleaning simple and effective. We offer machines for purchase, as well as for rent, from a variety of manufacturers and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a riding machine or one that you can walk behind, we assure you that these machines are high-powered and able to clean a warehouse or factory floor.

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