Why Clean Floors In Schools Improve Student Health

floor sweeperKeeping a clean workplace is key in preventing sickness and falls. Schools are particularly vulnerable places, as children are often more susceptible to these blunders. They also spent much more time working and playing on the floor, creating more opportunities for accidents and contact with germs. All school custodians should be using industrial floor sweepers to keep young students protected. If you are considering investing in sweepers for your school, consider the following benefits.

  1. Scrubbing Germs Away: Carpets and tile floors are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. If they are not well cleaned, students will be continuously exposed to these germs. Be sure to clean these surfaces regularly with a machine, rather than with a traditional vacuum or mop.
  2. Sweeping Up Dirt: After recess or gym class, children often track dirt and mud into the classroom. This not only creates a mess, but also introduces opportunities for slips and falls. Be sure to clean this up well at the end of the day.
  3. Preventing Slips: For both staff and students, wet floors are a serious fall risk. Traditional mops leave wet puddles in their tracks, inviting people to slip. Injuries sustained from slips, trips, and falls account for about 25% of all injury insurance claims per year. Protect your organization by purchasing an industrial scrubber that squeegees the water that it leaves in its path, leaving a dry surface.
  4. Protecting Little Hands: Remember that the youngest elementary school students are playing on the floor often. If the floor is not clean, their hands will pick up lingering bacteria and pass it to other students. This especially applies to preschools, as much of the day is spent playing.

    Floor sweepers and scrubbers are a great way to keep your school floors clean and your students healthy, as they will prevent falls, sickness, and injury. Be sure to train your custodians on how to use these machines, as you want to make sure they are used safely.

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