Why You Should Finally Rent That Floor Scrubber

     Deion Sanders is a former football and baseball player who works as an analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network. He was quoted saying, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good”. This can be applied to the business mentality as well. You want to feel good going into your job everyday and you want to walk into a place that looks presentable. When customers walk into a facility that seems unorganized and dirty, they’re likely not going to be impressed. Impressing customers should be the number one goal when selling a product. This type of environment can even rub off on employees. Who enjoys working in a dirty atmosphere? Nobody. 

Factory Cat GTX Riding Floor Sweeper & Scrubber

The floors are the first thing people see when they walk into a facility. It’s the first and last thing they touch when entering and leaving. It’s time to start taking the cleanliness of your floors seriously. This is why you should finally rent that floor scrubber:

  • Now THAT'S Clean

    You would be surprised how clean your floor can actually get. A floor scrubber can strip layers of dirt off a floor that is almost impossible to do with a mop and bucket. A scrubber actually scrubs, sanitizes, picks up water and dries the floor is one swoop. This prevents lingering dirty water to sink back into the floor while drying.

  • Scrubbers Are Just Easier

    Using a scrubber is extremely easy. It’s ready to be used, the controls are simple and cleaning is a breeze. It’s up to you to decide what you should do with that extra time you saved.

  • Return on Investment

    The takeaways from renting a scrubber are more than what you dish out for renting one. Productivity is all around improved when considering the time saved, the effect it has on employees and the impression it leaves on customers.

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