The Factory Cat GTR is Coming Soon

The Factory Cat GTR is Coming Soon

     On May 1st there will be a new product from Factory Cat that may shake things up in the Industrial Cleaning industry. The Factory Cat GTR will be released to the public and many people are curious to find out what we can expect from it. Before the GTR, the XR and GTX were the largest scrubbers in Factory Cat’s fleet. Both have brought many returning customers as a result of their satisfaction with the machine. There are pros and cons to every machine on the market; most of which are subjective and based on personal expectations in a machine to cater to specific environments. Although there were many things to appreciate in the GTX and XR, there were also some negatives to them. Some people wished the GTX could carry more water and that the XR was a little skinnier.  I was able to get an early look at the Factory Cat GTR and find out more about it. My first impression of the GTR seems to be some what of a cross-hybrid between the GTX and the XR.

  • Cleaning Capabilities

    The Factory Cat GTR is on par with the GTX with capabilities of cleaning up to 34 inches. Disk or cylindrical are available with disk machines reaching 350 rpm in brush speed and cylindrical reaching 825 rpm.

  • Water Tanks

    The GTR got it’s cleaning width capabilities from the GTX but the tanks are all from the XR. The GTR comes equipped with 46 gallon solution tank and 49 gallon recovery tank. Almost 15 more gallons more than the GTX can hold.

  • Operations

    There are a few features that are new to Factory Cat users. When the tank becomes nearly full a red light will notify you on the dashboard. This will also happen if the squeegee gets clogged. The vac motor has been updated to withstand water better and there is now a service cabinet on board the machine.


The Service Cabinet

The Service Cabinet is a new feature to the Factory Cat line. The cabinet is conveniently located on the outside of the machine to quickly replace filters and to empty any water that has passed through the vac motor. There is also a valve for draining detergent from Suds reservoir and a drain for any fluids from the Poly Battery Box. If you have the ZerO3 Ozone System, there is a filter onboard for that as well. This is an interesting concept to help manage maintenance of the GTR and to do it quickly.

Overall, I’m excited to see the Factory Cat GTR in action. Factory Cat has consistently brought powerful and effective machines to it’s customers and I am confident the GTR will follow suit. It will be interesting to see how people react to the service cabinet and the many features it comes with. One recommendation I have is that Factory Cat maybe make a cover for the Service Cabinet in case something hits it or someone runs into something. Unlikely scenario but sometimes stuff like that happens. The GTR is certainly a beautiful machine and I can’t wait to test it out next month. 

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