This is System Clean Inc.

What does System Clean Inc. do?

When it comes to industrial floor cleaning, System Clean basically does it all. They have a service team that has seen over 80 years of total service experience and some of them have been there since before people knew what an industrial scrubber was. It’s nice to know that the guys servicing customer machines are well experienced in industrial floor cleaning equipment. For the service team at System Clean, they get their hands dirty on this type of equipment every day. It doesn’t even matter what type of make or model. They just understand the machines.

The same can be said for their sales team. With over 80 years of total experience, they know which machines work and don’t work for any given environment. The sales reps like to go to potential customer’s facilities to examine the floors before recommending machines. This is so they can determine which machine will perform best in that environment. Sales reps also consider which chemicals are appropriate for the floor and which ones to stay away from. This type of knowledge is important in order to get the most out of the next machine you purchase, as well as maintaining the floors. All the equipment offer optional features that may increase productivity. Little things like this do not get overlooked. After the years of use, customer machines will end up needing to be replaced. The sales reps again determine which machine works best (possibly the same model) or if changes to the facility and floor result in changing up machines.

Purchasing a machine for your facility is an investment. You want a machine that performs well and lasts long. System Clean not only provides the solution for cleaner work environments, they maintain that solution. They are there through the life of the machine to make sure it’s always reliable for you. Gary White, the owner of System Clean, wouldn’t accept anything less.

Don’t like long term commitments? Just rent.

System Clean also has a rental service that makes everything easy for customers. They determine which machine fits, which brushes work best, and provide the chemical that cleans your floor well. They have many machines available and do the drop-offs and pick-ups themselves. A complete “turn-key” service. If you’ve never used industrial floor equipment, they give you a run-down of how to use it. They’re not limited to industrial sweepers and scrubbers, either. They have scarfiers, polishing equipment, and pressure washers for jobs that expand past standard floor cleaning. You don’t even have to have a big facility to take advantage of their services. They provide cleaning equipment for smaller places, too. Kaniewski Funeral Home was looking for something they could use to clean between aisles and small walkways. System Clean rented them a small Tennant T1 with a 15″ cleaning width.

“That machine was perfect for what we wanted to get clean. We wanted to get the floor cleaned as well as we could in the quickest time possible and this machine exceeded my expectation. It’s nice to know I can call you guys and I’ll have a scrubber when I need it. It was great”                         -Tim Kaniewski

System Clean has been around for 25 years and provides solutions for a cleaner work environment for Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Their website is always being updated and you can request free demos right from there. See all the machines available and order parts. Compare chemicals to give yourself an idea of which one works for you. Order batteries and check out their Body Bumpers under the “upgrade” tab. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large company or small one. System Clean takes care of you.