Floor Cleaning Evolves

In Pre-Industrial England, most floor were hard earth which was extremely dusty and required regular sweeping. During those times, “brooms” were simply things like cornhusks, twigs, reeds, and other natural materials. Floor surfaces evolved over time, and a layer of sand was added to dirt floors. When litter piled up, the sand would get swept outside, and a new layer … Read More

Three Great Ways to Shape Up the Warehouse

The warehouse is one of the most accident-prone workplaces in which one can work. It’s estimated that about 5.5 warehouse injuries take place per 100 full-time warehouse workers; this translates to an incredible 15,000 workplace-related injuries and illnesses each year in just the warehouse industry alone. Luckily, it’s easier than you may think to keep your warehouse personnel safe from … Read More


Have you ever hung around after a concert or sporting event and just looked at the arena? Globs of ketchup and mustard laced with relish, soda in all colors of the rainbow, popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate ice cream, and dubious sticky substances litter the floors. Yet, by the time the next event occurs, sometimes the very next day, the stadium … Read More


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