How to Avoid 3 Common Cleaning Nightmares

It is safe to say that maintaining a safe, clean environment is important to most people. This can be especially true for places of business. In the United States alone, 95 million work days were lost due to slips, trips, and falls. These accidents made up around 25% of all reported injury claims each year. Considering that for every 100 … Read More

How One Workplace Injury Could Have Been Avoided with Floor Scrubbers

Jim is one of your best employees. He’s always the first one to arrive and one of the last to leave every day. One morning, as he enters the building and walks to his workstation, greeting the cleaning crew as he does each day, he slips and falls. Although he is not severely injured and there were visible warning signs … Read More

6 Ways Floor Scrubbers and Proper Procedures Can Prevent Personal Injury Claims

The last thing any company wants to deal with is a lawsuit from a personal injury claim. These are serious legal matters that can end up costing businesses substantial amounts of money. Slip, trip, and fall injuries are particularly dangerous, making up about 25% of all reported injury claims and 95 lost workdays per year. Fortunately, with the right tools … Read More

3 Industries Who Should Make Floor Sweepers a Requirement

The last thing you want to do when running a business is see employees get injured. A number of incidents can occur in the workplace, but the most common are slip, trip, and fall accidents. According to the United States Department of Labor, these injuries make up the vast majority of general industry accidents. Slip, trip, and fall incidents account … Read More

Three Ways to Protect Your Employees With Safety Gear and Floor Scrubbers

When running a company, one of the top priorities should always be creating a safe work environment for employees. For many industries, this is a constant job that requires plenty of effort. When it comes to workplace injuries, there is no bigger hazard than slip, trip, and fall injuries. Depending on the industry, moisture and particulates can build up on … Read More

Rental Floor Sweepers Are Keeping Employees Safe

When it comes to jobs involving manual labor, there should be nothing more important to employers than creating safe work environments. Putting in place preemptive safety measures for employees to follow is extremely important but unfortunately they are not always enough. Exceedingly high numbers of respondents, about 98%, who attended the recent American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) show in … Read More

Important Things to Consider When Investing in a Commercial Floor Scrubber

If you work in any type of industrial or manufacturing facility, you know just how important it is to stay consistent with your cleaning. Considering the dust, wood chips, and debris that can pile up on your floors, it’s impossible to function safely without a nice floor scrubbing from time to time. Slips, trips, and falls account for almost 25% … Read More

Are you still using a mop and bucket to clean the floors of your business?

Automatic floor scrubbers can clean floors in a cleaner and more environmentally safe way than a traditional mop and bucket- no t to mention that they are more cost effective. Facilities such as hospitals, kitchens, universities, and nursing homes are switching away from conventional mops because of the health hazards that they pose. They also want an option that is faster and … Read More