The Lithium-Ion Battery is a smarter way to power worry-free cleaning. Zero maintenance. Zero hassles. Maximum cleaning productivity

Make sure your equipment is ready to go all day, every day with Tennant lithium-ion batteries powered by Samsung SDI technology. Create a true zero-maintenance power source: no battery watering, no fuel-tank replacement and storage, and no engine maintenance. With Tennant lithium-ion batteries, your machines are always ready to go, your operators spend more time cleaning – and you spend zero time worrying.

Powered by leading-edge Samsung SDI technology, Tennant’s lithium-ion batteries are a proven power source in rigorous applications and environments. Extensive testing by both Tennant and Samsung SDI ensures these, as well as meeting UL and UN 38.3 standards for safety.

Tennant Lithium-Ion Technology: A Custom-Integrated Solution

Tennant Lithium-ion batteries are designed and assembled for Tennant equipment. This full, custom integration of Samsung SDI technology with Tennant equipment delivers several safety, efficiency and performance advantages over third-party offerings.

  1. Battery Module Power Cable
  2. Battery Modules
  3. Battery Module to BMS Cable
  4. Battery Management System (BMS)
  5. Battery Pack Power Cables
  6. Battery Management System Cover
  7. Communications Cable
  8. Battery Module Covers

Key Features

Leading Edge Lithium Technology Lithium-ion battery technology powered by Samsung SDI provides exceptional energy density for longer runtimes than other battery types. Fully Integrated Design Unlike many lithium-ion batteries, each Tennant lithium-ion battery is fully integrated with the Tennant machine for worry-free operations. The machine and battery turn on/off with the machine’s key switch, the battery discharge indicator is always visible, and the scrubbing function shuts down at 95% depth of discharge leaving enough power to get to a charging area. Battery Management System (BMS) An intelligent system provides continuous communication between battery and machine to protect the user and equipment from unsafe operating conditions. Proven Samsung SDI Technology Samsung SDI is the world’s largest supplier of lithium-ion technology and the undisputed leader of lithium-ion innovation. Samsung SDI lithium-ion technology effectively and reliably powers electric cars, e-scooters, power tools, golf carts and more. 5-Year Warranty & Tennant Support A comprehensive 5-year warranty* backed by unmatched Tennant service support and expertise provides peace-of-mind.

Available with the Tennant T600/T600e, T12, T16, 17, and M17.

Spend more time cleaning. Spend zero time worrying.

Tennant Li-Ion vs. LPG/Diesel/Gas Fuel

Reduce cost to clean — and enhance safety.

• Improved Uptime: Full-shift cleaning without fuel tank filling/changing

• Lower Costs: Zero engine maintenance, fuel costs, fuel storage costs, shop supply costs and significantly reduced training costs

• Enhanced Safety: Zero fuel emissions, no flammable fuels on-site and lower dBa sound levels

• Sustainable Cleaning: Eliminate reliance on nonrenewable natural resources

Tennant Li-Ion vs. Lead-Acid

Batteries Maximize fleet performance — at a great value.

• Improved Uptime: Fast charging, longer runtimes and opportunity charging to minimize idle time

• Great Value: Eliminates all worries associated with traditional wet batteries

• Low Operating Costs: Fewer battery replacements, no battery watering, lower charging costs and minimal training required

• Enhanced Safety: No risk of encountering battery acid and no harmful gases produced during charging