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  • Hydro Tek- HD Series

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    Hydro Tek, HD Series hot water pressure washer, Compact Portable Electric Powered, Diesel Heated, power washer

    Hydro Tek HD Series- Brochure

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  • Hydro Tek- HN Series

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    Hydro Tek HN Series, Stationary Electric Powered, Natural Gas, LP or Diesel Heated, Industrial power washer is Made in the USA for industrial use. The HN Series is a stationary hot water pressure washer that is powered by electricity and heated by your choice of natural gas, propane or diesel. This allows you to install indoors and have hot water on demand in your wash bay at your facility. These models include stainless steel panels, industrial duty motors and pumps and a lifetime heating coil warranty.

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  • Hydro Tek- HP Series

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    Hydro Tek, HP Series, portable hot water pressure washer, high capacity burner, power washer is the portable HP Series hot water pressure washer that delivers a balance of pressure, water flow and heat required for the fastest cleaning. A side-by-side demonstration will show that cleaning performance is determined more by the combination of water, heat and flow, not just pressure. The HP Series hot water pressure washer has the high capacity burner to accommodate high water flow and achieves a higher temperature rise than other washers and saves valuable time and effort. To save you even more time, it features auto on/off, remote downstream soap control and adjustable pressure, giving the operator control at the spray gun and saving pump components and wear. It even has full pressure steam setting to clean faster on heavy equipment, greasy floors, dirty walls, oily steel or any grime-ridden surface.

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  • Hydro Tek- SC Series

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    Hydro Tek, SC Series. Hot Water Pressure Washer, Gas Powered & Diesel Heated. The SC Series Mobile Wash Skids are Self-Contained pressure washers that are Gas Powered & Diesel Heated with Powder coated or stainless steel for durability.

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  • Hydro Tek- SC-X Series

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    Hydro Tek, SC-X Series. Hot Water Pressure Washer, Diesel Powered, Diesel Heated for Extreme Duty, Industrial Power Washer. The SC-X Series Hot Water Pressure Washers are self-contained Mobile Wash Skids designed with the extreme duty user in mind and includes extra features to make it suitable for use in harsh and remote environments. The SC-X is designed for extra duty industrial use. It is self-contained and requires no outside power. It utilizes larger gasoline or diesel engines and pumps than our “SC” and “SS” series washers for tackling the biggest jobs with higher water volume. High pressure, hot water spray is generated on demand by the diesel fired burner so you can achieve the best cleaning results on grease and grime anywhere your job requires.

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  • Hydro Tek- SM Series

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    Hydro Tek, SM Series, Portable hot water pressure washer, gas engine, industrial power washer is a compact and portable hot water pressure washer. It is powered by a gas engine and ready for use wherever a water source is available. No electricity is required. With a SpiraLast coil and 12v burner you will quickly and efficiently heat water to effectively blast away grease and grime. The SM Series includes airless tires to eliminate flats on a jobsite and is easy to maneuver with the integrated handles. Stainless panel, coil enclosure, and rain guard are rust resistant and keep your machine looking great for years. The SM Series is a value conscious choice in hot water pressure washers without sacrificing performance, features, and operator safety.

    Hydro Tek SM Series- Brochure

  • Hydro Tek- SS Series

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    Hydro Tek, SS Series, Mobile wash skids, Hot water pressure washer, Gas powered & diesel fired, Industrial power washers are gas driven, diesel fired hot water pressure washers featuring steel frames, stainless steel panels, & industrial components.

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  • Tennant 3640 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

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    The Tennant 3640 Walk-Behind Sweeper is a durable and dependable sweeper that can clean floors in tough environments. This industrial floor sweeper offers dual side brushes for maximum cleaning and provides you with tool-free features to help make servicing easy. When you have a vacuum wand and the optional timed shaker for the panel filter, picking up dirt and debris is made simple.

    Tennant 3640- Brochure            Tennant 3640- Operators Manual

    Tennant 3640- Specs Sheet           Tennant 3640- Parts Manual


  • Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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    Clean hard-to-reach areas with the Tennant 5680 and it’s low profile scrub deck. This machine varies from 28″ to 36″ cleaning width and is capable of reaching up to an estimated coverage of 27,200 ft^2 an hour. This machine will help you save time and reduce maintenance costs with it’s longer scrub life and solid body and tanks.

    Tennant 5680- Video Demonstration             Tennant 5680- Brochure

    Tennant 5680- Operators Manual             Tennant 5680- Parts Manual

  • Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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    Available in disk or cylindrical, the Tennant 5700 is powerful floor scrubber than can take on any stubborn dirt, grime, grease, and oil. With three different scrub heads available (28″, 32″, 36″), modify your next scrubber to perform perfectly for your work environment. This scrubber is built tough and is simply designed to create an experience that the operator will find easy and effective. Call today and we will schedule an appointment so that you can experience this machine first hand, FREE!

    Tennant 5700- Video Demonstration            Tennant 5700- Brochure

    Tennant 5700- Operator Manual            Tennant 5700- Specs Sheet

  • Tennant 6100

    Tennant 6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper

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    The Tennant 6100 is a powerful sub-compact rider sweeper that is battery powered- making it incredibly quite during operations. Confidently manoeuvre through tight spaces and standard doorways with this machine, and access areas in your facility that most riders cannot reach. The 6100 is designed to tackle any hard surface or carpet that you find needs cleaning.

    Tennant 6100- Brochure            Tennant 6100- Operator Manual

    Tennant 6100- Parts Manual            Tennant 6100- Specs Sheet



  • Tennant 6200

    Tennant 6200 Compact Rider Sweeper

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    Keep your hands clean with the Tennant 6200 compact rider sweeper, which comes equipped with a multi-level hopper dumping ability that is capable of reaching  up to 4.5 feet. The heavy duty body construction and high quality sweeper components will help reduce your company’s maintenance and repair costs, as well as give you an ease of mind knowing you’ll be well taken care of with such a great machine. Call today to schedule an appointment for your FREE DEMONSTRATION!

    Tennant 6200- Brochure            Tennant 6200- Operator Manual

    Tennant 6200- Parts Manual            Tennant 6200- Specs Sheet