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  • Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

    Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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    Clean hard-to-reach areas with the Tennant 5680 and it's low profile scrub deck. This machine varies from 28″ to 36″ cleaning width and is capable of reaching up to an estimated coverage of 27,200 ft^2 an hour. This machine will help you save time and reduce maintenance costs with it's longer scrub life and solid body and tanks.

  • Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

    Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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    Available in disk or cylindrical, the Tennant 5700 is powerful floor scrubber than can take on any stubborn dirt, grime, grease, and oil. With three different scrub heads available (28″, 32″, 36″), modify your next scrubber to perform perfectly for your work environment. This scrubber is built tough and is simply designed to create an experience that the operator will find easy and effective. Call today and we will schedule an appointment so that you can experience this machine first hand, FREE!

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  • Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber

    Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber

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    The Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber is the revolutionary way to mop and clean floors. This indoor scrubber has a cleaning path of 18″ that can handle anything you throw at it. The two scrub pads are capable of up to 350 RPMs and the machine holds 1 gallon of water. Save time, money and energy with the new Tennant i-mop XL.

  • Tennant M17 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

    Tennant M17 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

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    The versatile M17 battery sweeper- scrubber delivers exceptional sweeping and scrubbing performance, as well as provides health and safety benefits. Up to 67 inch cleaning width and 115 gallon solution tank helps cut time and money. Enhance your facility's image with effective sweeping and scrubbing capabilities that deliver consistent results in even the toughest environments with the Tennant M17.


  • Tennant M20 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

    Tennant M20 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

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    The Tennant M20 is an integrated sweeper-scrubber that features special designs to maximize productivity and delivers cleaning performance with impressive results. Whether you're cleaning a wet or dry surface, the M20 is capable of cleaning any mess up in just one pass. This machine allows for an increase in visibility with its cab- forward design, open sightlines, and steering -wheel-mounted controls. Call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION!


  • Tennant M30 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

    Tennant M30 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

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    The Tennant M30 is a large integrated sweeper-scrubber that provides exceptional cleaning performance. The M30 features FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology that allows the operator to effectively clean floors – wet or dry – in just one pass. The   ec-H2O™ technology uses up to 70% less water, allowing you to clean up to 3x longer on a single tank of water. Maximize your productivity while providing the solutions for a cleaner work environment with the Tennant M30- all at the same time.



  • Tennant T1 Walk-Behind Scrubber

    Tennant T1 Walk-Behind Scrubber

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    Available in battery powered or electric, the Tennant T1 Walk-Behind Scrubber is a micro scrubber that delivers a blast of cleaning power in a small package. Scrub small, congested areas with this compact design that allows both forward and reverse steering. The T1 features a 3 gallon tank for 30 minutes of continuous cleaning and an adjustable handle so you can store it away anywhere. This machine has a 15″ cleaning path and is perfect for entry way, hallways, check out aisles and more. Call now for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

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  • Tennant T12 Compact Rider Scrubber

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    The Tennant T12 Compact Rider Scrubber is a battery-powered rider scrubber that offers you the performance of a heavy-duty scrubber without compromising maneuverability. Boost the 32″ scrubbing path with a side brush to expand your cleaning power up to 41″. This machine is available in either disk or cylindrical to meet whatever needs you may have for your environment. Call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

    Tennant T12- Brochure           Tennant T12- Operator Manual

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  • Tennant T16 Rider Scrubber

    Tennant T16 Rider Scrubber

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    The Tennant T16 Rider Scrubber is a battery-powered rider scrubber that provides maximum productivity and can achieve up to 20% lower cost of ownership when compared to other scrubbers in its class. This machine allows for a 36″ cleaning path and can expand out to 46″ when adding the side brush options. Available in disk and cylindrical to meet the demands your facility is looking for.

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  • Tennant T17 Rider Scrubber

    Tennant T17 Rider Scrubber

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    The Tennant T17 Rider Scrubber allows for a 40″ cleaning path (standard) with the option of adding side brushes to push the width to up to 52″. Available in disk or cylindrical, call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Tennant T17!

    Tennant T17- Brochure            Tennant T17- Operator Manual

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  • Tennant T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber

    Tennant T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber

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    The Tennant T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber is an innovative high performance scrubber for hard surface floors that delivers consistent and high performance results. The T300 scrubbers have multiple machine head type variations such as: Dual cylindrical, orbital, single disk, and dual disk. These options allow for an optimized cleaning performance for specific areas. Versatile cleaning performance is not the only area in which the T300 excels; Easy operation and maintenance makes using this machine simple, reliable, and cost effective.

    Tennant T300- Brochure            Tennant T300- Operator Manual

    Tennant T300- Parts Manual           Tennant T300- Specs Sheet

  • Tennant T350 Stand-On Floor Scrubber

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    IN STOCK ready for your free Demo! Call 1-800-890-0678

    The NEW Tennant T350 Stand-ON Floor Scrubber has Arrived! This highly productive very maneuverable machine will make quick work of all tight and restricted work areas. Water recovery on the tightest of turns is no match for the new parabolic squeegee system that trails closely behind the scrub deck leaving a safe and dry floor behind.  Available in two deck sizes, 20″ Single and 24″ Dual Disk with up to 91Lbs of brush pressure.