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  • 757 Gloss Floor Cleaner

    757 Gloss Floor Cleaner

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    757 Gloss Floor Cleaner is a high gloss detergent designed to dry to a bright shine. It is ideal for use on finished surfaces, tile, epoxy, or enamel. The special formula removes scuff marks and dirt, while leaving no light-robbing residue behind. The result is a clean, non-slip surface, ready for immediate use

  • Body Bumper

    Body Bumper

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    Body Bumper by System Clean is the solution to keeping your assets protected. The bumpers are installed on the outside of your machine and protect it and the facility from damage. The bumpers are non-marking and are available in multiple colors.

  • Citrus 101 Floor Degreaser

    Citrus 101 Floor Degreaser

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    Citrus 101 Floor Degreaser is a concentrated blend of citrus oil extract and surfactants. This all-purpose degreaser helps remove tire marks and other solvent sensitive soils. Citrus 101 is low foaming, and meets USDA performance standards for C-1.


  • Knock Out Foam Eliminator

    Knock Out Foam Eliminator

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    Knock Out Foam Eliminator is a concentrated foam eliminator designed for use in recovery tanks  for our floor machines and carpet cleaning extractor-type machines.

  • SC- 794 Heavy Duty Degreaser

    SC- 794 Heavy Duty Degreaser

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    SC- 794 Heavy Duty Degreaser for Industrial Scrubbers is a low foaming unique cleaner that penetrates and disperses soils allowing them to be flushed by water. High-alkaline detergent, non-butyl, designed for auto scrubbers. Grease and grime EMULSIFY on contact. Its quick action leaves a residue free surface.