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  • Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper

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    The Tennant S30 is a mid-sized rider sweeper designed for sweeping indoors and outdoors without compromising sweeping performance. The S30 provides quick and easy operator performance and sweeper maintenance with its easy-open service areas and on-board diagnostics. Although the S30 is an engine-powered sweeper, the 80 dBA noise level gives you a surprisingly quiet operating experience that is one of the lowest available in this class of sweepers.

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  • Tennant S9

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    The Tennant S9 is a large battery walk-behind sweeper designed to clean indoor and outdoor areas quickly and effortlessly. Experience maximum productivity with the dual sided brushes that expands the cleaning path to 35″ and an extra large hopper so that you can continue cleaning without stopping as often as you would with other sweepers. The quality construction and proven components has been field-proven in commercial applications for 10 years. Brush bumpers are equipped to protect the machine from all kinds of rough environments you pursue. Call today for a FREE DEMO!

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  • Tennant T1

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    Available in battery powered or electric, the Tennant T1 is a micro scrubber delivers a blast of cleaning power in a small package. Scrub small, congested areas with this compact design that allows both forward and reverse steering. The T1 features a 3 gallon tank for 30 minutes of continuous cleaning and an adjustable handle so you can store it away anywhere. This machine has a 15″ cleaning path and is perfect for entry way, hallways, check out aisles and more. Call now for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

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  • Tennant T12

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    The Tennant T12 is a compact, battery-powered rider scrubber that offers you the performance of a heavy-duty scrubber without compromising maneuverability. Boost the 32″ scrubbing path with a side brush to expand your cleaning power up to 41″. This machine is available in either disk or cylindrical to meet whatever needs you may have for your environment. Call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

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  • Tennant T16

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    The Tennant T16 is a battery-powered rider scrubber that provides maximum productivity and can achieve up to 20% lower cost of ownership when compared to other scrubbers in its class. This machine allows for a 36″ cleaning path and can expand out to 46″ when adding the side brush options. Available in disk and cylindrical to meet the demands your facility is looking for.

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  • Tennant T17

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    The Tennant T17 is a high-performing, heavy-duty, battery rider scrubber. This particular machine is designed to be focused on delivering customized solutions to meet the needs of your facility. The T17 allows for a 40″ cleaning path (standard) with the option of adding side brushes to push the width to up to 52″. Available in disk or cylindrical, call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Tennant T17!

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  • Tennant T300

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    The Tennant T300 is an innovative high performance walk-behind scrubber for hard surface floors that delivers consistent and high performance results. The T300 scrubbers have multiple machine head type variations such as: Dual cylindrical, orbital, single disk, and dual disk. These options allow for an optimized cleaning performance for specific areas. Versatile cleaning performance is not the only area in which the T300 excels; Easy operation and maintenance makes using this machine simple, reliable, and cost effective.

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  • Tennant T500 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

    Tennant T500 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

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    Tennant T500 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber with Smart-Fill™ Automatic Battery Watering and IRIS® Battery Manager, walk-behind scrubber, Tennant scrubber, Tennant walk-behind scrubber, disk scrubber, disk machine, Tennant T500 walk behind disk scrubber


    COMING SOON… Tennant T600 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber which includes the Smart-Fill™ Automatic Battery Watering and IRIS® Battery Manager.

  • Tennant T7

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    The Tennant T7 is a ride-on scrubber that keeps operators focused on their cleaning environment with 360 degree view and simple controls. This machine cleans small and large facilities safely and productively and maximizes the scrubber use with its ability to fit into small congested areas. This machine is available in both cylindrical and disk, and has an estimated 25,740 square feet of cleaning ability an hour. Call today to schedule an appointment for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

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  • Tennant-T5

    Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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    The Tennant T5 is a versatile walk-behind scrubber that is enhanced by its innovative scrubbing technology. Available in either disk or cylindrical, the T5 will meet the needs of your facility with a scrubbing path ranging from 24 inches, to 32 inches. The maneuverability on this machine will allow you to scrub in the toughest areas to reach and no time is wasted when the T5 allows for up to 4.5 hours of cleaning time on a full charge. Call today to schedule an appointment to get a FREE DEMONSTRATION of one of our most popular walk behind scrubbers.


  • Tennant S5

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    This compact battery walk-behind sweeper will help you maximize your productivity when it comes to getting your floors clean. The S5 is compact and has a maneuverable design to allow you to get between and underneath those hard to reach areas. Use the S5 on hard or soft floor surfaces in your facility, and then use it to pick up that debris in the parking lot!

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  • Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber

    Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber

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    40 IN / 1020 MM, 42 IN / 1070 MM, 54 IN / 1370 MM, 56 IN / 1420 MM


    80 OR 125 GAL / 303 OR 473 L

    UP TO 400 LB / 181 KG