Factory Cat Model 34 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

The Factory Cat Model 34 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper is designed for any type of facility. Updated since the original, the 34 has been around for 25 years. This machine is one of the most reliable sweepers that the industrial world has ever seen. Whether it’s dirt, plastic shavings, metal shavings, bolts and nuts, or sand, the Factory Cat 34 has been proven to achieve the sweeping needs that our customers have been looking for. This compact sweeper can last for 4 hours and a single charge and is designed to self-adjust when your broom wears. Call today for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!


The Factory Cat Model 34 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper is perfect for sweeping any facility with dust or small debris. This machine is belt driven and comes standard with a side brush to ensure dust and debris in those hard to reach areas are captured. The model 34 is one of our most popular walk behind floor sweepers because of it’s durability and performance. The Model 34 is the smallest sweeper in the Factory Cat fleet. This powerful machine has lasted many years in the floor cleaning industry.

Updates and small design changes have kept this machine performing at the highest level. The model 34 did all this while remaining one of the most reliable and relevent machines out there. Easy access to every component on this machine makes for simple maintenance. When there is dust and debris in a facility, the Model 34 sweeper excels at job performance and customer satisfaction.  This machine makes the path to impress. Call today for a free demo!

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Frame:1/8" Steel
Front Wheels:10" x 3"
Rear Wheels:5" x 2" (caster)
(L x W x H)
58" x 31" x 38"
Weight (without batteries):355lbs
Sweeping System
Sweeping Method:Direct Throw
Broom (length x dia):26" x 10"
Broom Power/Speed:1.0 hp/400 rpm
Side Broom Size:(1) 17"
Side Broom Power:(1) 0.3 hp
Side Broom Speed:65 rpm
Hopper Capacity:2.0 cubic ft.
Battery System
Battery Run Time:3 to 5 hrs.
Charger (110w/60Hz, auto):25 amp
Filtering System
Filtering Material:Polymer Felt
Filter Rating:1 Micron
Size:5,182 sq. inches
Vacuum Rating:250 cfm
Drive System
Drive Power:1.0 hp
Speed Control: 0 to 3 mph
Cleaning Width:34"
Cleaning Rate:30,000 ft/hr
Sound Level:70 dBA
Standard Equipment:Low Battery Indicator
Optional Equipment:HD Bumper



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