Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper

The Factory Cat TR is a compact industrial floor sweeper designed to tackle any job the factory throws at it. This battery operated machine is a rider with superior maneuverability and an all-steel frame. Easy access to the slide out hopper and a simple control panel makes your sweeping quick and easy. A full charge on this machine will allow you enough operating power to last an entire shift!


The Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper is a powerful compact sweeper that is designed for factories and warehouses. No matter what your mess looks like, the TR can  sweep up metal shavings, dirt, dust, bolts, paper, foundry sand, and wood. The Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper effectively sweeps over debris on the floor. Then, the debris is picked up and stuffed into the stainless steel hopper towards the rear-end of the sweeper. When finished sweeping, simply pull out the hopper and empty it into a waste bin. Easy access to the slide out hopper and a simple control panel makes your sweeping quick and easy. This sweeper can pick up an entire bag of cement in just one pass. This battery powered machine is capable of sweeping a 350,000 sq. ft. facility in a single shift, and on a single charge. Call today for a FREE DEMO!


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Frame:1/8" Steel
Front Wheels:(2) 14" x 4"
Rear Wheels:(2) 14" x 5"
(L x W x H)
64" x 37" x 55"
Weight (without batteries):850 lbs
Weight:1350 lbs
Sweeping System
Sweeping Method:Direct Throw
Broom (length x dia):32" x 10"
Broom Power/Speed:1.0 hp/440 rpm
Side Broom Size:(2) 17"
Side Broom Power:(1) 0.3 hp
Side Broom Speed:100 rpm
Hopper Capacity:4.2 cubic ft.
Battery System
Battery Run Time:4 to 7 hrs.
Charger (110w/60Hz, auto):25-40 amp
Filtering System
Filtering Material:Polymer Felt
Filter Rating:1 Micron
Size:5,182 sq. inches
Vacuum Rating:270 cfm
Drive System
Drive Power:1.0 or 1.5 hp
Speed Control: 0 to 4 mph
Cleaning Width:46"
Cleaning Rate:60,568 ft/hr
Sound Level:68 dBA
Standard Equipment:Headlight, Horn, Auto Parking Brake
Optional Equipment:Strobe, Back-up Alarm, Overhead Guard, Battery Packs, Non-Marking Tires



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Factory Cat TR- Brochure

Factory Cat TR- Parts Manual

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