Reconditioned / Used Tennant T12



This Reconditioned / Used Tennant T12 Disk Rider Scrubber is now available. This machine rides smooths and is easy to clean. The T12 has been completely inspected and tested this machine and it will include an SCI certification and includes both a parts and labor warranty. Give us a call today.. These never last long.


Scrubbing System 
Cleaning path:32 in
With scrubbing side brush:41 in
Cylindrical main brushes
Brush speed:600 rpm
Brush diameter (2):7 in
Brush down pressure (up to):200 lb
Brush motor (2):1.0 hp
Debris hopper:0.3 cu.ft.
Disk main brushes
Brush speed:325 rpm
Brush size diameter (2):12 in
Brush down pressure (variable to):250 lb
Brush motor (2):1.0 hp
Solution tank:35 gal
Recovery tank:44 gal
Demisting chamber:9 gal
Vacuum fan:0.8 hp
Speed:14,500 rpm
Water lift:65 in
Machine Dimensions
Length:67.25 in
Body:37.25 in
Body (with side brush):42.0 in
Rear squeegee (hard width):39 in
Height:56 in
w/ Overhead guard:82.5 in
Empty:1,030 lb
With standard 235 AH batteries:1,460 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight:2,200 lb
Minimum aisle turn:73 in