Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber

The Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber is our most popular Tennant rider. This machine has is all. The 80 gallon solution tank allows the operator to scrub for hours without refilling. It’s a smooth ride with the performance to exceed all expectations. The 95 gallon recovery tank has an easy access top that allows for easy maintenance. Wear parts are simple to replace and the debris tray is easy to remove and clean. Increase productivity with this world class scrubber today.


The Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber is one of the most popular rider floor scrubbers System Clean offers. This industrial scrubber provides excellent cleaning in industrial environments. First of all, the features are designed to provide high-performance results while maximizing productivity. Adding the optional scrubbing side brush will take your cleaning path to 54 inches. The Innovative ec-H2O™ technology helps reduce the amount of water you use and chemical you add. The Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber is easy to operate and training others is simple with the Touch-n-Go™ control module. The T20 has an easy access design with yellow touch point maintenance indicators. Upgrade your machine by adding our Body Bumper kit. The Body Bumper helps prevent damage to the machine and to the customer’s facility. The non-marking bumpers prevent scuff marks on walls and ugly markings to the machine. Call today to set up an appointment for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!



Tennant T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber HIGHLIGHTS


  • Achieve consistent cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing and MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology.
  • Maximize productivity and clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing with ec-H2O™ technology.
  • Transform cleaning operations with Pro-Panel™ technology, which integrates multiple cleaning settings and on-demand videos into an intuitive, highly visible touchscreen.
  • Simplify use with the T20’s Touch-n-Go™ control panel, featuring a 1-Step™ start button that remembers previous settings.
  • Improve visibility with cab-forward design, open sight lines, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.
Scrubbing System 
Cleaning Path
Cylindrical main bushes:40 in
Disk main brushes:42 in
With scrubbing side brush:54 in
With sweeping side brush (cylindrical only):56 in
Cylindrical main brushes
Brush speed:480 rpm
Brush diameter (2):12 in
Brush down pressure (up to):390 lb
Disk main brushes
Brush speed:230 rpm
Brush diameter 14 in
Brush down pressure (up to):400 lb
Disk side brush
Brush speed:150 rpm
Brush diameter- scrubbing:16 in
Brush diameter- sweeping (cylindrical only):21 in
Solution tank:80 gal
Solution capacity with ES®:125 gal
Recovery tank:95 gal
Demisting chamber:15 gal
Debris tray (cylindrical only):
Volume capacity:1.1 cu.ft.
Weight capacity:110 lb
Vacuum fan
Speed:11,000 rpm
Water lift:35 in
Propelling System
Propel speed forward (variable up to):8.0 mph
Propel speed reverse (variable up to): 3.0 mph
Engine- gasoline/LPG:50 hp
Engine- diesel:24.8 hp
Transport at gross weight:10.0 deg/ 18%
Working (cleaning):8.0 deg/ 14.0%
Ground clearance (transport):3 in
Tire front (1), solid:18x 5.5 in
Tires rear (2), solid:16x 3.5 in
Machine Dimensions
Length:95 in
Frame:50 in
Rear squeegee:51 in
With side brush:58 in
Height:58 in
With overhead guard:83.5 in
Empty:3,300 lb
GVW:4,900 lb
Minimum aisle turn:110 in
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