Tomcat 200 Walk-Behind Floor Burnisher

The Tomcat 200 Walk-Behind Floor Burnisher is the top-of-the-line battery operated floor burnisher that is extremely well built and easy to operate. Mopping is no longer required after buffing, thanks to the standard dust control. Easy maintenance and accessibility to small spaces makes every aspect of operation enjoyable. Seeing the results first hand is rewarding!


The Tomcat 200 Walk-Behind Floor Burnisher is a battery powered machine that is powerful and durable. The construction of the Tomcat 200 is well-built and the compact design allows for operation in close quarters. Say goodbye to mopping dust after buffing floors. Every Tomcat 200 Walk Behind Floor Burnisher comes equipped with standard dust control. Simply toss out the easily removable dust bag from the machine and replace it with another from the built-in bag storage.

The Tomcat 200 is available with two different drive methods. Eliminate almost all need to push with the Pad-assist drive or simply use the Traction Drive unit. The 200-T (Traction Drive) is nice because there is no maintenance required and is completely sealed. Make buffering easier and more enjoyable with low maintenance and the ability to climb ramps at a breeze.


Parts Manual

Body Construction/Dimensions 
Frame:10-ga. (1/8")
Rear Axle Capacity:1200 lbs.
Rear Wheels (non-marking): (2) 8"x 2"
Front Wheel (non-marking):(2) 4"x 2"
Dimensions (L x W x H):44" x 24" x 40"
Weight (w/out batteries):274 lbs.
Weight (w/ batteries):602 lbs.
Burnishing System
Pad Diameter: (1) 20"
Pad Motor Power:(1) 3.0 hp
Pad Speed:2000 rpm
Pad Engagement:Direct
Variable Pad Pressure:10-65 lbs.
Pad Driver:Flexible
Battery System
Batteries (pad assist standard):(3) 12-v/ 160 ah
Batteries (pad assist option #1):(3) 12-v/ 175 ah
Batteries (pad assist option #2):(6) 6-v/ 245 ah
Batteries (traction drive standard):(3) 12-v/ 175 ah
Batteries (traction drive option #1):(3) 12-v/ 225 ah
Batteries (traction drive option #2):(6) 6-v/ 245 ah
Battery Run Time: Up to 3 hours
Charger (110-v/ 60 Hz/ auto):36-v/ 25 amp
Filtering System
Vacuum Description:Passive
Filtering Material:Disposable Bag
Screen Material:1 micron
Drive System
Transport Power (unless pad assist model):0.5 hp (373 watts)
Forward Speed Control:0- 4.5 mph
Reverse Speed Control:0-3 mph
Braking System:Dynamic
Cleaning Rate/ Hour (max):35,248 sq.ft./ hr.
Cleaning Rate/ Hour (norm.):24,421 sq.ft./ hr.
Sound Level:68 dBA
Minimum Aisle for U-Turn:46"
Grade ability:11 degrees/ 19%