Tomcat XR Floor Scrubber Dryer

The Tomcat XR Floor Scrubber Dryer is the largest of Tomcat’s rider floor scrubbers. This machine is capable of a 46″ cleaning width and allows for up to 350 lbs of down pressure. Although the XR is a hefty machine, the capabilities in its maneuverability is not limited. With a 76″ U-turn radius, this machine can still fit down congested aisles or in tight areas.


The Tomcat XR Floor Scrubber Dryer is the largest of Tomcat’s rider floor scrubbers and is capable of a 46″ cleaning width. Available in disk or cylindrical, this machine comes equipped with a powerful drive motor; allowing you to climb steep inclines and ramps. The XR floor scrubber comes with heavy-duty tires and an automatic parking brake. Disk machines offer 50% more power than the cylindrical machines. On top of that, you can use special pads on a disk machine that are perfect for stone polishing. Call today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

Tomcat XR Floor Scrubber Dryer options:

The cylindrical option is perfect for environments with debris. Cylindrical machines will sweep up debris as it passes and throw it into the debris tray for easy maintenance.

The disk option has the lowest maintenance cost with more brush/pad selection. The brushes are individually driven for unmatched performance and the  gimballed drivers improves cleaning on irregular floors.


Spec Sheet

Operators Manual

Parts Manual

Tank Material:Poly 3/8" thick
Chassis Construction:7 - gauge (3/16" Steel)
Rear Wheels:(2) 14" x 5"
Drive Wheel:12" x 4"
Size (L x W x H):69" x 36" x 56"
Weight (w/o batteries):1,230 lbs
Weight (w/ 175ah batteries):1,950 lbs
Brush System
Brush/ Pad Size:34D: (2) 17"
40D: (2) 20"
45D: (2) 23"
Brush Speed:270 rpm
Brush Down Pressure:0-350 lbs.
Brush Down Pressure Settings:(5) w/ auto adjust
Motor Power:(2) 1.5 hp
Battery System
System Voltage:36 volts
Battery AH Rating (standard):(Qty 6) 325 AH
Battery AH Rating (optional):(Qty 6) 395 AH
Battery AH Rating (industrial battery):(Qty 1) 440 AH
Battery Run Time:Up to 6 hours
Charger (110-v / 60 Hz / 24-volt):36-v / 36 amp
Solution System
Solution Tank Capacity:68 gal.
Solution Flow Rate:0-1.5 gpm
Solution Filter:Stainless / Inline
Recovery System
Recovery Tank Capacity:68 gal.
Vac. Power:1.6 hp
Vacuum (lift / airflow):70" / 140 cfm
Demisting Chamber:2.5 gal.
Drive System
Power:3.0 hp, sealed
Speed Control:Variable 0-320 ft.
Side Broom Path:45"
Sound Level:71 dBA
Cleaning Width & Rate/Hour: 34D: 34"/ 36,720 sq. ft./hr.
40D: 40"/ 43,200 sq. ft./hr.
45D: 45"/ 48,600 sq. ft./hr.