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  • Factory Cat Micro-HD

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    FactoryCat’s MICRO-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is the smallest in the fleet of walk-behind scrubbers. From 17″ to 26″ cleaning paths in either a disk or cylindrical machine, the Micro- HD is the machine you need to access all the tight spaces within your work space. Although it may be one of the smaller machines in the Factory Cat fleet, this machine can pack a punch and keep any type of floor in tip-top shape. Call today to schedule a free demonstration!

    Factory Cat Micro-HD- Brochure

    Factory Cat Micro-HD- Operators Manual

    Factory Cat Micro- HD- Specs Sheet

  • Factory Cat MicroMag

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    Factory Cat’s MICROMAG is the smallest of the Factory Cat walk-behind fleet with a cleaning width of up to 20″.  This machine is modeled after the MiniMag and Magnum machines, but designed a little smaller for accessibility into those tighter areas. This machine is available in a Brush-assist drive, or a Traction-drive that offers a smooth performance even on those uneven surfaces. Call us today to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

    Factory Cat MicroMag- Brochure

    Factory Cat MicroMag- Parts Manual

  • Factory Cat Mini-HD

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    FactoryCat’s MINI-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is a walk-behind floor scrubber that reaches a cleaning width of 29″ and can pick up to 21 gallons of water in its recovery tank. This walk behind scrubber comes equipped with a Traction drive and a powerful all-gear transaxle to give you an easy operation experience.

    Factory Cat Mini-HD- Brochure           Factory Cat Mini-HD- Specs Sheet

    Factory Cat Mini-HD- Parts Manual            Factory Cat Mini-HD- Operators Manual

  • Pilot

    Factory Cat Pilot-HD

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    FactoryCat’s PILOT-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is a powerful rider floor scrubber. The all-gear transaxle makes it easy for the Pilot to climb ramps and its solid steel frame gives you an ease of mind when operating in rough places. The design may be simple, but it’s operating capabilities and maneuverability will surprise you. Available in disk or cylindrical, this machine comes equipped with polyurethane bumper rollers so you no longer need to worry about scuffing up walls or dinging the side of the machine.

    Factory Cat Pilot- Video Demonstration

    Factory Cat Pilot- Specs Sheet

  • Factory Cat TR

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    The Factory Cat TR is a compact industrial floor sweeper designed to tackle any job the factory throws at it. This battery operated machine is a rider with superior maneuverability and an all-steel frame. Easy access to the slide out hopper and a simple control panel makes your sweeping quick and easy. A full charge on this machine will allow you enough operating power to last an entire shift!

    Factory Cat TR- Video Demonstration

    Factory Cat TR- Brochure

    Factory Cat TR- Parts Manual

  • Factory Cat XR

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    The XR is the largest of Factory Cat’s rider floor scrubbers. This machine is capable of a 46″ cleaning width and allows for up to 350 lbs of down pressure. Although the XR is a hefty machine, the capabilities in its maneuverability is not limited. With a 76″ U-turn radius, this machine can still fit down congested aisles or in tight areas.

    Factory Cat XR- Parts Manual

    Factory Cat XR- Brochure

  • Factory Cat- XR

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  • brute

    Hawk Brute Floor Machine

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    The Hawk Brute's totally enclosed motor units are ideal for the harshest conditions –dust, moisture, chemicals – and great for sanding or screening applications, stone care and concrete work.

  • merlin

    Hawk Merlin Floor Machine

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    The Hawk Merlin takes advantage of innovative engineering and modern design to set new records in production and user safety. Our unique handle carriage provides 100% contact with the floor and incorporates forward movement over the traditional side to side of stand-ard floor machine design. Scrubbing, stripping, surface preparation, and stone polishing have never been easier. When hard jobs show up, the Merlin works magic providing faster production, more consistent patterns, reduced fatigue, and the highest overall operator comfort.