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  • AR 326 Hose Reel

    Hydro Tek AR 326 Hose Reel

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    The Hydro Tek AR 326 Hose Reel has reel capacities of 250’ x 3/8”, 5000psi, 400° paired with another of the same.

    Ships quickly in 2 separate boxes, Made in the USA. Hydro Tek Hose Reels can be mounted anywhere providing convenient and quick storage of both discharge and inlet hoses for your pressure washer. These pressure washer hose reels have the ability to swivel 180° allowing you to unroll the hose from any direction. When you are ready to travel simply reel the hose on to the drum with the provided handle, set the lock pin, and you’re ready to go.

  • AR 425 Hose Reel

    Hydro Tek AR 425 Hose Reel

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    The Hydro Tek AR 425 features a stainless reel that has a capacity of 150’ x 3/8”, 5000psi, 400° and is designed to mount on tubing with the enclosed clamp, or can be mounted on a wall. The reel has a friction brake for adjusting the drag depending on your job. It will pivot a full 360 degrees or you can slide the pin to lock the rotation where needed.
    Ships quickly, fully assembled, & is made in the USA

  • High Reach Wash Pole

    Hydro Tek High Reach Wash Pole

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  • Hot Link Hot Water Generator

    Hydro Tek Hot Link Hot Water Generator

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  • muck scupper & sludge pump

    Hydro Tek Muck Scupper & Sludge Pump

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    Turn your pressure washer into a sludge, slurry or water evacuation tool with the Hydro Tek Muck Scupper & Sludge Pump. Pressure energy from the spray of a pressure washer wand creates suction that pulls water, up to 87gpm, through a heavy wall discharge hose. The Hydro Tek muck scupper connects to existing ¼” pressure washer wand quick connect coupler, no other tools required. Part number: ANS04 or ANS55.

  • Hydro Tek ANT 24 Surface Cleaner

    Hydro Tek- ANT 24 Surface Cleaner

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    The Hydro Tek ANT 24 is a 24” deck Trident Hydro Twister® Series surface cleaner. The ANT 24 is constructed of stainless steel with a hardened aluminum rotary arm and a brush skirt to contain the splash. The Hydro Tek ANT 24 features a round deck, 3 casters, and a wishbone style handle that provides a protection to the pressure hose inside the handle.


  • Hydro Tek ANT 25

    Hydro Tek- ANT 25 Surface Cleaner

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    Hydro Tek is pleased to announce the new 24” deck Trident Hydro Twister® Series. The Hydro Tek ANT 25 surface cleaner is constructed of stainless steel with a hardened aluminum rotary arm and a brush skirt to contain the splash. Available in choice of wheel preference: three casters for the convenience of free movement to wash side to side or choose the large, airless tires to reduce fatigue when working in straight lines.The unique spray arm and nozzle angles are effective for “to the edge” cleaning and cover more area (18,000 sq.ft/hour), without zebra striping, to clean faster.


  • Hydro Tek- CPS Series

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    Hydro Tek CPS Series, Cold Water Pressure Washer, Gas Engine, Industrial power washer is the versatile, full-featured, choice in heavy duty cold-water pressure washers. The smooth running engine is equipped with pressure lubrication, oil filtration and a large fuel tank. The CPS Series is perfect for jobs requiring high pressure and high mobility: On-site equipment cleaning and auto-detailing, graffiti removal, paint preparation, moss and mildew removal from sidewalks and decks, wet sandblasting and more. This CPS Series cold water power washer is an excellent companion tool for the professional who wants performance and durability.

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  • Hydro Tek- HD Series

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    Hydro Tek, HD Series hot water pressure washer, Compact Portable Electric Powered, Diesel Heated, power washer

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  • Hydro Tek- HN Series

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    Hydro Tek HN Series, Stationary Electric Powered, Natural Gas, LP or Diesel Heated, Industrial power washer is Made in the USA for industrial use. The HN Series is a stationary hot water pressure washer that is powered by electricity and heated by your choice of natural gas, propane or diesel. This allows you to install indoors and have hot water on demand in your wash bay at your facility. These models include stainless steel panels, industrial duty motors and pumps and a lifetime heating coil warranty.

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  • Hydro Tek- HP Series

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    Hydro Tek, HP Series, portable hot water pressure washer, high capacity burner, power washer is the portable HP Series hot water pressure washer that delivers a balance of pressure, water flow and heat required for the fastest cleaning. A side-by-side demonstration will show that cleaning performance is determined more by the combination of water, heat and flow, not just pressure. The HP Series hot water pressure washer has the high capacity burner to accommodate high water flow and achieves a higher temperature rise than other washers and saves valuable time and effort. To save you even more time, it features auto on/off, remote downstream soap control and adjustable pressure, giving the operator control at the spray gun and saving pump components and wear. It even has full pressure steam setting to clean faster on heavy equipment, greasy floors, dirty walls, oily steel or any grime-ridden surface.

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  • Hydro Tek- SC Series

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    Hydro Tek, SC Series. Hot Water Pressure Washer, Gas Powered & Diesel Heated. The SC Series Mobile Wash Skids are Self-Contained pressure washers that are Gas Powered & Diesel Heated with Powder coated or stainless steel for durability.

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