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Tennant 3640 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

The Tennant 3640 Walk-Behind Sweeper is a durable and dependable sweeper that can clean floors in tough environments. This industrial floor sweeper offers dual side brushes for maximum cleaning and provides you with tool-free features to help make servicing easy. When you have a vacuum wand and the optional timed shaker for the panel filter, picking up dirt and debris is made simple.


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The Tennant 3640 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper is a durable and dependable mid-sized sweeper with optional attachments to maximize productivity. Sweep almost any environment, inside or outside, and pick up anything from sand to larger debri or trash. The HEPA panel filter optional attachment is available to maximize dust control; creating better air quality and has an optional timed shaker. Tool-free maintanance helps boost productivity and makes changing brushes and batteries easier. Increase your run-time with the extended battery to make the most out of shifts. The larger designed hopper is capable of picking up 1.5 cubic feet of sand and 3 cubic feet of trash/debris. This machine comes with many optional attachments and tools. If you need a reliable sweeper, the Tennant 3640 may just be what you’re looking for.

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FeaturesEngine Machine Specs
Sweeping System
Type:II-Speed™, Direct-throw
Cleaning Path, Single Side Brush:62.5 in.
Cleaning Path, dual side brush:80 in.
Coverage rate per hour- single brush
Average (4 mph):102,960 sq.ft.
Maximum (8 mph):220,000 sq.ft.
Coverage rate per hour- dual side brush
Average (4 mph):133,760 sq.ft.
Maximum (8 mph):281,600 sq.ft.
Main brush length:45 in.
Main brush lift:Mechanical or Hydraulic
Main brush change:No-tool
Side broom diameter (disk):26 in.
Hopper volume capacity:14 cu.ft.
Hopper weight capacity (plastic):1,080 lb.
Hopper weight capacity (steel):1,200 lb.
Hopper dump height (variable):60 in.
Hopper dump reach:30 in.
Propelling System
Propel speed forward (variable to)
3- wheel (Gas/LP):8 mph
X4 (Diesel only):15 mph
Propel Type:Hydrostatic
Gradeability- full hopper
3- wheel (Gas/LP):10 deg.
X4 (Diesel only):6 deg.
Gradeability- empty hopper
3- wheel (Gas/LP):14 deg.
X4 (Diesel only):9 deg.
Ground clearance:4 in.
Tires front (2), solid:5 x 21 in.
Tire rear (1), pneumatic:4.5 x 18.5 in.
Tire rear (2), foam-filled (x4):4.5 x 15.5 in.
Gas/LP:50 hp
Diesel:24.8 hp
Hydraulic pumps:1 propelling, 3 accessory
Dust Control System
Filter system (triple stage)
Stage 1:Perma-Filter™
Stage 2:SweepMax® Plus Cyclonic Pre-Filter
Stage 3:Donaldson Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Canister Filter
Filter area:80 sq.ft.
Dust filtration:.5 microns @ 99% efficiency
Shaker mechanism:ShakeMax® 360 Orbital Shaker
Vacuum fan diameter:11 in.
Vacuum fan speed
Normal sweeping mode:4,600 rpm
Litter sweeping mode:5,500 rpm
Machine Dimensions
Length:93 in.
Width:62.5 in.
Height without overhead guard:58 in.
Height with overhead guard:82.5 in.
Net (3-wheel):3,570 lb
Turning radius:65 in.
Minimum Aisle Turn (left):113 in.
Safety System
Fire protection:Thermo-Sentry™
Safety certification:UL label type G, LP, D
Forward speed when dumping:1.0 mph
Operator Ergonomics
Power steering:Adjustable foot pedal
System monitoring/ warning lights:Tilt steering w/ horn
High-back seat:Touch panel controls
Optional Equipment
Audio-visual backup alarm:
Light packages
Rear tower bumpers
Overhead guard
Dual side brushes
Blower attachment
Vacuum wand
Enclosed cab
Fire extinguisher
Steel hopper
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