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Factory Cat XR Rider Floor Scrubber

The Factory Cat XR Rider Floor Scrubber is the largest of Factory Cat’s rider floor scrubbers. This machine is capable of a 46″ cleaning width and allows for up to 350 lbs of down pressure. Although the XR is a hefty machine, the capabilities in its maneuverability is not limited. With a 76″ U-turn radius, this machine can still fit down congested aisles or in tight areas.


The Factory Cat XR Rider Floor Scrubber is the largest of Factory Cat’s rider floor scrubbers and is capable of a 46″ cleaning width. Available in disk or cylindrical, this machine comes equipped with a powerful drive motor; allowing you to climb steep inclines and ramps. Also, this machine comes with heavy-duty tires and an automatic parking brake. Disk machines offer 50% more power than the cylindrical machines. On top of that, you can use special pads on a disk machine that are perfect for stone polishing. To learn more, click HERE.


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Path Width:Single side brush- 32"
Dual side brush- 40"
Main Broom
Main (and side) brush lift:Hand lever
Main (and side) brush change:No-tool
Main brush speed:430 rpm
Side Broom
Debris Hopper
Volume Capacity (sand):1.5 cubic feet
Volume Capacity (litter):3.0 cubic feet
Weight Capacity:130 lbs.
Dust Control System
Filter Area:39.0 sq.ft.
Vacuum Fan Speed:5,350 rpm
Vacuum Diameter:9"
Propelling System
Propel Speed Forward (3 speeds/infinitely variable to):2.9 mph
Propel Speed Reverse (variable to):1.3 mph
Motor, Electric (Propelling):1.0 hp
Gradeability:Full/Empty Hopper- 8.0 deg/ 14.1%
Machine Dimensions
Length (varies with handle position):56.25"
Height (varies with handle position):34.7"/ 37.7"
Net (empty) 130 AH batteries:385 lbs.
Net (empty) 215 AH batteries:485 lbs.



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