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Tennant i-Mop XL Scrubber

The Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber is the revolutionary way to mop and clean floors. This indoor scrubber has a cleaning path of 18″ that can handle anything you throw at it. The two scrub pads are capable of up to 350 RPMs and the machine holds 1 gallon of water. Save time, money and energy with the new Tennant i-mop XL.


The Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber is the next generation of cleaning. For years, mopping has been the norm when it comes to cleaning those tight, congested areas. Until now. The i-mop has the maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of an industrial scrubber. This machine is simple to use and cleans with precision. 18″ of cleaning width combined with almost 50 lbs of down pressure is the new way to clean. This machine has been designed to not only maximize productivity in cleaning, but to establish an easy and clear way of cleaning for the operator. The i-mop reduces water uses, reduces chemical use, and reduces unneeded time used in cleaning. The optional i-cart L helps transport the i-mop, battery charger, as well as extra parts and accessories. Make your facility look great while looking good doing it.


Weight:                                                  112 lbs
Side body (l x w x h):                          55.1 in x 26.8 in x 43 in
Cable length:                                        32.8 feet
Castor size:                                           5” (rubber)
Material:                                               LDPE | Rotomoulded


Slot Options: 2 customizable slots for i-mop XL® battery chargers*
3 mop handles*
1 i-mop XL*
2 i-mop XL solution tanks*
2 i-mop XL recovery tank*
3 power sockets
1 cup holder
1 laundry bag / garbage bag

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