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This is System Clean Inc.

This is System Clean Inc.

When it comes to industrial floor cleaning, System Clean basically does it all. They have a service team that has seen over 80 years of total service experience and some of them have been there since before people knew what an industrial scrubber was. It’s nice to know that the guys servicing customer machines are well experienced in industrial floor cleaning equipment. For the service team at System Clean, they get their hands dirty on this type of equipment every day. It doesn’t even matter what type of make or model. They just understand the machines.

The same can be said for their sales team. With over 80 years of total experience, they know which machines work and don’t work for any given environment. The sales reps like to go to potential customer’s facilities to examine the floors before recommending machines. This is so they can determine which machine will perform best in that environment. Sales reps also consider which chemicals

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